List of Banned Items at Agricultural Shows

  • Drug Related Goods (including Cocaine Kits, Bongs etc.)
  • Explicit and Hardcore T-Shirts
  • Fake Cigarettes
  • Fireworks – Crackers
  • Fuel type Fire Lighters (Zippo)
  • Horns and Trumpets
  • Knives (including Pen Knives)
  • Laser Pointers
  • Metal and wooden Martial Art Nunchakus
  • Playing Cards (nude or lurid)
  • Pressure Pack Snow
  • Pressure Pack Fart Gas
  • Silly String
  • Stink Bombs
  • Bouncing Beans
  • Shang-hi/sling shots
  • Bomb Bags
  • Fire Wallets
  • Water Bomb
  • Explicit DVD’s and Videos
  • Iridescent Hair Spray

Toy Guns are acceptable, however the following are not:

  • Ball Bearing Guns
  • Eight Shot Caps
  • Pellet Guns
  • Pop Downs (Throw Downs)
  • Potato Guns
  • Replica Guns (bullet type)
  • Roll Caps
  • Strip Caps
  • Water Pistols over 150mm (6”)
  • Gel Blaster Guns

Samurai Swords, English Swords and Fencing Swords are to be sold in Sealed Packages by Licensed Traders ONLY.

This list complies with Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies agreed list of banned items.

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